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Phat Media Group is a collective company with 3 subsidiaries, PHAT, PHATboy Records and PHATAUDIO



Our primary aim is working closely with clients in the production of audible media that enhances the brief and pushes the boundaries of expectation. Specializing in Audio for production such as Film, TV, and Game. With a wide knowledge and understanding of industry-leading software such as Wwise & Fmod, Logic, Pro Tools, and Adobe has allowed us to integrate into in-house production teams quickly and effectively 


Audio programming is available on request for the majority of software & languages including; Adobe Premier, Final Cut, Unreal 3/4, CryEngine and Unity and the majority of C# & C++ based engines.


If you have any question don't hesitate to ask!

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Originally founded in 2013, PHAT Media Group is an creative a music, sound design, and record label company based in Norwich & London.  We work in close collaboration with our clients to explore new and exciting ways to push the boundaries of creative sound design and audio for Film, Tv, Game and public release. Fuelled by a passion for all things audio, we thrive on providing a bespoke, innovative and forward-thinking product. 

Collectively we offer a diverse background of professional and personal experience, ranging from live performance to commercial production. As a result, we enjoy a creative spectrum that allows us to meet your brief with a fresh and considered approach.


New for 2019 is the addition of offering our distribution network PHATBoy Records. More info to come soon.



"The team at BillieTrixx have been using the services of PHAT for almost a year and  we're always happy with their quick service, professionalism, and customer support. Always willing to explore new boundaries for our growing market" - BillieTrixx




“We at EA have had the pleasure of working with PhatFormat for some of the projects we've put into production. The provided services have always been quick and professional and we've always been happy with them.” - EA Games


“we were pleased with the overall quality and ease of working with these guys on an upcoming project. Professional, precise and amazing quality” - Fan Studios





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