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The debut return album 'Stand on the Right' is currently aimed for a Q3 2019 release. 

More Info to come.


(Previous 2006-2014)

Francesa's Dirty Secret was founded in late 2006 by three London and Norwich based producers with the aim to bring a new sound to the emerging electronic dance scene. Taking a great interest in 80s early rave music the group went on to produce numerous tracks and four albums. Shortly after the release of their 3rd album their vocalist sadly took their own life.

Out of memory, their 4th album Holly was released for a limited time before all albums were pulled from sale.


PhatFormat Era:


The remaining members 'Puke & Draoy' went on to make the experimental drum N bass band PhatFormat, Although PhatFormat was highly regarded in many underground scenes for pushing a new wave of sound design with the use of heavy manipulation of acoustic elements the group split in 2016 to work on solo projects (Francesa's Dirty Secret & Draoy) and different aspects within PHAT Media Group.


2017- Present
In 2017 Founding member of PHAT Media Group and Francesa's Dirty Secret went back into the studio to continue the Francesa's Dirty Secret project. Unlike previous projects such as PhatFormat and Muska, Francesa's Dirty Secret aims at making something with massive underline meanings.

Taking huge inspiration from pop culture of the 1980s and 1990s FDS has a unique sound, with a vast array of synthesis and acoustic manipulation. Its a sound you really can't miss

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